"One call for all your Medical Transportation Needs"


Tri-Med Ambulance is continually marked as the most reliable, most caring, and the most professional in the Puget Sound Region. The knowledge that comes along with many years of operations in King County allow us to facilitate daily adjustments that ensure we always meet the needs of our clients.

BLS ambulance services are the cornerstone of the services we provide. Each transport team has two skilled EMT's on board that will take the most compassionate care of you or your loved one. Each ambulance is supplied with everything needed to make your ride as comfortable as can be, and we also have all equipment needed should an emergency arise during transport.

Whether you are a Fire Department needing a reliable transportation service, a hospital needing prompt discharge, or a patient who needs to get to dialysis or an appointment with compassion and care, Tri-Med Ambulance is the clear choice.


Tri-Med Ambulance has state of the art Bariatric units that are equipped with the new StairPro stair chair, a TranSafe Ramp and a MX-Pro Bariatric stretcher. This equipment provides for a safe and comfortable transport regardless of patient weight or size. With these unit's, Tri-Med is able to move patients conveniently and securely in a very efficient manner.

The StairPro stair chair is a new type of chair that employs a track system and can descend a patient slowly downstairs in a safe and controlled environment. The unit is also equipped with a TranSafe Ramp, which is a loading/unloading system that eliminates any manual lifting of the patient during the transporting process, therefore ensuring patient and employee safety. The TranSafe Ramp handles up to 1300 pounds without any lifting, pushing, or pulling. Additionally, the MX-Pro Bariatric stretcher is able to support up to 1600 pounds. The large body surface attaches to the stretcher creating a wider stretcher for patient comfort.

The Bariatric unit provides our partners with the confidence that we are capable of transporting any size patient, while greatly reducing employee injuries and providing secure, comfortable medical transportation with state of the art, efficient equipment that ensures patient comfort.


Tri-Med Ambulance offers the most clinically sophisticated level of critical care transport (CCT). This type of medical transport is ideal for critically ill patients who require a more advanced level of medical attention and care. Our CCT is equivalent to a mobile ICU – we provide the same level of preparedness and medical attention that a patient would receive in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

Our medical units which provide CCT are able to respond at any hour. The transport unit includes a Registered Nurse with over five years of ICU experience as well as an EMT  trained to provide CCT support. Our CCT units carry advanced life support and diagnostic equipment in addition to the supplies standard to BLS transport. We are also able to provide patients with specialized medical equipment including (but not limited to) 12-lead EKG monitors, defibrillators, multiple IV infusion pumps, mechanical respiratory ventilators, oxygen and medical air.

Tri-Med is dedicated to providing each CCT patient with the individualized and advanced care he or she requires. The medical community has consistently turned to Tri-Med to ensure superior service of its most critical patients.


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Tri-Med Ambulance provides an alternative to the Seattle Metropolitan medical community for wheelchair transportation services that are consistently rated as reliable, dependable, and compassionate in the area. Tri-Med’s experience in the industry indicates that hospitals and patients are best served by providers who specialize in specific areas, and we specialize in "one call does it all" medical transportation. Tri-Med’s cabulances are staffed by personnel who are equipped with the necessary capabilities, training, and experience.