Tri-Med Ambulance


Tri-Med Ambulance, LLC was established in 1995 and has become a regional preferred ambulance provider because of its dedication to quality, safety, reliability, responsiveness, and compassionate service.

Over time, many hospitals and fire departments have selected Tri-Med Ambulance as their provider of choice. Tri-Med has passionate dedication as a junior partner to the fire departments it serves, and also understands the needs of facilities and hospitals by providing reliable medical transportation services. Tri-Med's goal is to continue the dedication and support it has for all of its fire department, hospital, and facility clients. To support this goal and maintain its service, Tri-Med's team members bring expertise in fire department relations, training, crew supervision, human resources, dispatch, patient care, safety, and billing services.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing compassionate medical care and transportation for our customers.

Here at Tri-Med, we are dedicated to:

  • Hiring employees with excellent credentials and providing an environment for ongoing training and career advancement
  • Providing safe and compassionate ambulance and cabulance transport with dependability, reliability and safety
  • Putting the needs and interests of our customers before our own
  • Partnering with fire departments and healthcare facilities to help them achieve their goals relating to community safety, well-being, and emergency services
  • Remaining a local company in order to better serve the specific needs of our communities
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with our communities through active and consistent involvement

Tri-Med Ambulance is the Puget Sound regions local provider for Medical Transportation.

Because of our dedication to providing timely service and quality care, Tri-Med has become the preferred provider of BLS and Critical Care Transport in the Puget Sound Region.

Here at Tri-Med, we work hand in hand with local fire departments, police departments, hospitals and dispatch centers to ensure fast responses with the appropriate services.

Tri-Med is also requested as a provider in other regions because of our reputation for quick and efficient response coupled with respectful service and compassionate care.

For interfacility transportation by BLS and Critical Care Ambulance, or by Cabulance, Tri-Med has teamed up with countless hospitals and other medical facilities inside and outside of King County in order to ensure the availability of exceptional medical care and transportation to all the residents of Western Washington.

Local Company, Local Community

Tri-Med Ambulance understands the need for reliable services in the medical transportation industry, and because we are the only locally owned provider in King County, we do it the best.

Daily, we are able to respond and adapt to the needs of our clients. This is where we live and work, therefore we take great pride in delivering the services required of us efficiently and professionally.

Annually, Tri-Med Ambulance gives back to several local organizations to ensure the overall well-being of the community. Not only are we able to help these great organizations, we are also able to feel that we are serving a purpose by taking care of our neighbors. Some of the causes we support are listed below:

FDCARES Program Susan G. Komen 3-Day Seafair Pirates
Burien Kid's Day King County "My ID" Club Give Burns the Boot
Highline Medical Services Organization Genesis Project American Cancer Society Relay for Life